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Photographers Business Success Stories

How Ganesh Raja made Rs 13 Lacs+ in his Wedding Photography Business as a Fresher

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Pricing : ₹ 99,999 + GST

3 Biggest Secrets to Start & Fire your Wedding Photography Business

  • How to get Wedding Photography & Film-making Clients
  • Client Negotiation Secrets – How to take your client to your own negotiated terms
  • Client-Conversion Secrets and Powerful Strategies
  • Photography Clients Follow-Up Strategies


#2. A Powerful Guide to Start your Wedding Photography Business from the Start

  • Essential Resources Required to START your Wedding Photography Business
  • How to Give Aesthetic to Your Facebook and Instagram Profile
  • Business & Revenue Model of Wedding Photography
  • How to make your Portfolio through Collaboration with Production Companies, Studio Owners etc.
  • How to do Collaborations with Freelancers

#3. Lead Generation Mastery to Get High-Budget Wedding Photography Clients

  • Learn from Start How to Get Clients in Wedding Photography Business through Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Real Life Case Studies of our Facebook Wedding Photography Ad Campaigns
  • Powerful Facebook Secret Targeting Techniques for Wedding Photography Clients (Interest, Behaviour, Demographic and Location Based)



#4. Quotation Building Formula

  • How to Draft Sales Crazy Quotations that Converts Your Client?
  • 10+ Quotation Templates to make your Quotations
  • Psychology behind Drafting a High-Selling Quotation
  • What not to do while drafting a Quotation?
  • What kind of Quotation would not Convert at all

#5. Goals Maximizer Model

  • A Practical Solution to achieve your Life & Your Wedding
    Photography & Film-making Business Goals
  • How to Set Business, Implement that, Achieve Goals and Repeat that.
  • A Powerful Daily Goals Maximization Technique

#6. Google Ads Secrets for Wedding Photography Business

  • The Powerful Formula to Run Powerful Google Ads
  • Specially Designed for Photography Business for Get Leads
  • Step-by-Step Formula to Run Google Ads in your Photography Business

#7. Marketing Formula for Wedding Photography Business

  • A Complete Guide to Market your Wedding Photography Business
  • A Holistic View on Wedding Photography & Film-Making Business

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Pricing : ₹ 99,999 + GST

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